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Case Mod 101

The exciting process:

1. Existing case fan grill gets free air flow mod.

2. The tools: Dremel, goggles.

3. Job site: back patio door mat.

Location of new fan. Existing HD bay attatchment screw hole will be lost, but two more remain so no biggie.

This is why all parts are stipped prior to cutting. Dust and filings are everywhere. This square-cut took two cut-off wheels.

More job site.

Tranfered hole to inner plastic. Pilot hole bit. I tried the inner face first since it won't show when complete.

The plastic seemed to melt onto itself. I figured out which way to cut so the clumps of plastic occurred on the dicard piece.

After test fit of metal case to inner face and fan, the holes were transfered with a toothpick and an ink stamp pad for fan mounting screws.

Outer plastic face is cut and drilled.

Fan is mounted. So far so good.

A little test, borrowing power from my other computer.

Time for assembly. Items from right to left: Dremel toolbox, drill bits/drill, safety glasses, HD bays, misc fan boxes, new power supply, shoes, phillips screwdriver #1.

Mod complete, with new DVD player, grill, power supply, and a whopping 5 fans all together. The 60mm fan that was on the CPU heat sink is now blowing out the back, the heat sink has a new 60 to 80mm adapter with new a 80mm Zalman fan. The "noiseless connector" is put on the old 60mm. A new 80mm Zalman fan with "noiseless connector" is installed in the old case fan hole that was opened up earlier. A new Thermaltake Blue-eye 80mm LED w/ 3 blue + 1 red "HD access" LED rated at 20db is installed in the new hole with a black mesh grill. Both fans in front are drawing air in. Also new: the Zalman Noiseless 400W power supply ZM400A-APF and a black bezel DVD/CD drive to compliment the existing 40X burner for quicker copies. I still have a new 30gb HD waiting for install. The old 13gb and 15gb drives are still intact. Oh yeah, I got some thermal compound so I feel comfortable to upclock my cpu to 133 where it's supposed to be. So instead of the 1050mhz, it's now the real Athlon XP 1.4ghz which I had upgraded a while back from the Duron 850 that is now collecting dust. All those "noiseless" fans have really payed off. For a collection of 5 fans all together, it's amazingly quiet. Everything is rated at 20db except the cpu fan, which is full speed, no resistors. CPU temp is hovering at 55 degrees Celcius, I can live with that. Total time for mod: about 2 hours of fun (plus reassembly). I think it's a guy thing to refer to it as fun.

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